Change a lightbulb

Exchange an incandescent lightbulb for a compact fluorescent one, it uses 60% less energy. This change will represent a reduction of 70 kilograms a year of carbon dioxide emission, not to mention a cheaper electricity bill.

Plant a Tree

A simple tree will absorb about a ton of carbon dioxide during its life. By planting a tree, you will be helping to preserve life on our planet.

Drive less

Drive less, walk more and use public transportation. For every four kilometers you don't drive, one kilogram of carbon dioxide is not released into the atmosphere.

Recycle more

By recycling half of the garbage produced at home in one year, we can reduce our carbon dioxide emission by more than a ton. Recycle and contribute to saving natural resources, environmental degradation reduction and job generation.

Avoid products with too much packaging

You can save more than half a ton of carbon dioxide if you reduce the garbage you produce by 10%. If it's inevitable, transform and reuse the packages whenever you can.

Avoid plastic bags

Choose reusable bags over plastic, even if it is disposable. Reusable bags are less likely to break and can carry those heavier grocery items.

Choose organic products

Always prefer organic food. The soil used for organic food absorbs more carbon dioxide than conventional agriculture and requires less pollutants.

Take only what you need

Think about your real necessities and try to live with less. Look for products that use less energy and pollute less.

Value the social responsibility of the companies

When shopping, get to know the companies and their responsibilities. Although the price may be low now, the impact on the environment could be high.